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Sep 25, 2014

Serafina Italian Restaurant: A Piece of Northern Italy in Souk Al Bahar

Two hours. Three-course Italian meal. Four musical fountain shows. 

That's how our Satur-date went. It may sound like our normal date night in Downtown Dubai, but behind those words is an extraordinary dining experience. Ed and I were given the wonderful opportunity to have a taste of the authentic Northern Italian cuisine at Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar

Serafina is a popular celebrity dine-out spot in New York. It is an intimate yet trendy Italian restaurant that has been welcoming famous stars like The Kardashians, Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise. It is well-loved by celebrities and non-celebrities, hence apart from its 10 locations in New York, Serafina also conquered the International scene. Today, it has branches in Moscow, Brazil, Tokyo, Mumbai and Dubai!  

Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar

Ed and I were warmly welcomed at Serafina at around seven in the evening. I think it was too early for dinner for most people as we were able to bag the best seat in the restaurant. Our chosen spot is in the terrace with a great view of the Dubai Fountain. We were seated just a few inches away from the outdoor air cooler, hence we barely felt it was a warm summer night!         

Lady at Serafina Italian Restaurant in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
We got the prime spot! :)

Aperitivo and Antipasti at Serafina
Complimentary starters were immediately offered. We enjoyed the bite size pieces of warm Focaccia bread and olives drizzled with a robust sauce in a mini glass while browsing the extensive menu. Both were so deliciously appetizing that we almost felt we can head straight to the mains! 

Ed and I were already discussing about pizza and pasta when Herbert, the staff who took good care of our foodie needs that night, walked to our table and asked if there is a specific stater on the menu that we want to try. It was then that I remembered the rave reviews on Serafina's buratta. I knew I should not go home without having a taste of it! 

complimentary starters at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
complimentary marinated olives and focaccia bread

Then, we were asked "How about a taster platter with small portions of Serafina's best selling antipasti?" Buratta and a little bit of everything? Sounds really good to me! :)

Minutes later, delectable Italian starters beautifully arranged on a wooden board were brought to our table. I immediately had a portion of the much-talked-about Buratta, and on my first bite, I knew why it is considered as the one of the bests in town. It has the right blend of mozzarella and cream; rich and buttery yet with a taste I never got tired of!  

We also enjoyed the thinly sliced calamari with a special tomato dip, the packed-on-flavor bresaola with arugula, the soft bread topped with goat cheese and pine nuts and the simple yet very tasty bruschetta. I must say that Serafina did something special to the stuff I don't usually eat. I'm not a fan of pure goat cheese, so I really like that they had it finely coated with sweet cream cheese. And I never cringed with the peppery taste of arugula as it was perfectly balanced with the well-seasoned bresaola! 

antipasti at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
a taster platter of antipasti

Authentic Italian Main Dishes at Serafina
Right after we were done with the sumptuous starter platter, the husband and I went back to the pizza and pasta discussion. But it turned out that it was never meant to be a pizza/pasta night as the chef already prepared a platter of main dishes for us to try. Pizza and pasta can surely wait! :)  

Just like the starters, the mains were fabulously served on a wooden board. The risotto immediately caught my attention. The humble dish was lavishly topped with a gold leaf and caviar! So fancy! So Dubai! Although an upscale version, Serafina's risotto still has the warmth of the traditional Italian comfort food that Ed and I truly love. 

risotto at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
the lavish Risotto topped with caviar and gold leaf

My dear husband who spent a whole year in Firenze right after college can't stop raving about the creamy farfalle. I think I only had a bite and he consumed the rest! :)

We also had a tender sirloin steak, a portion of baked sea bass and small servings of gnocchi. What we really like about the mains is that the flavours were kept traditional and simple. Sure, Serafina added a special twist, but the authenticity is undeniable. Ed kept on saying that most of the dishes took him back to Italy in an instant!   

steak and pasta at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
sirloin steak and creamy pasta
baked seabass at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
baked seabass 
gnocchi at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
the simple yet delish gnocchi

Dolci at Serafina
Ed and I looked at each other when the dessert platter came. We thought they made a mistake on serving us not just one wooden board with four mini desserts, but two! We blankly stared at the eight luscious desserts, wondering how we are going to finish everything. 

Ed had his eyes on the Tiramisu. Though it was placed far from him, he repeatedly reached for it. It looked glorious with the mascarpone cheese topping and tasted so divine. No wonder he couldn't stop until it was over! 

While Ed was busy on the tiramisu, I took good care of the rest! Well, almost! I happily shared, of course! :)  I asked for a glass of water and made my way through each dessert. I finished off the strawberry sorbet first as it was already melting while I was taking food photos. Then, I had the profiterole filled with chocolate cream, the panna cotta with fresh vanilla from Madagascar, the Italian cheesecake with imported ricotta and that dessert with layers of strawberry, cream and kiwi in a mini glass. Lastly, I had the Torta Al Cioccolato, a freshly baked chocolate cake with a heavenly chocolate filling!

desserts at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
an array of Serafina's heavenly desserts
tiramisu at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
a closer look on the Tiramisu

After our excellent Italian dinner, Mr. Leo, the restaurant manager, asked us which one is our favorite dish. We didn't have the heart to choose as everything is a winner! But, if you ask me for recommendations or if you'll force me to pick one from each course, I'd say, start your evening with a Buratta, satisfy that Italian food craving with a Risotto and end the evening sweetly with Torta Al Ciocolato

Most probably, my husband will disagree with my dessert recommendation. I can still imagine his beaming face while having the Tiramisu that night! :)

view of Dubai Fountain at Serafina in Souk Al Bahar Dubai
Make this your next date night venue! :)

Serafina got super busy when we were about to leave. The upper terrace with the outdoor air cooler was buzzing with happy diners. That moment, I noticed how impeccable the service is. The staff were extra-attentive to everyone and not just to us who were there by invitation! 

With the stunning location and excellent Italian cuisine, I highly recommend Serafina for date nights, most especially if you want to impress your special someone. Guys, take note of that! :)

Starters: 39 AED onwards 
Mains: 70 AED onwards 
Desserts from 40 to 50 AED
*Serafina serves non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

To know more about Serafina, please check out their official website and Facebook Page.

Serafina Italian Restaurant
Souk Al Bahar
Downtown Dubai
Contact # 04 363 8447
Timings: 12pm to 2am

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