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Sep 1, 2014

A Night in Al Qasba

One Saturday morning, Ed went to Sharjah for some tasks while I chose to be domesticated. I am not a home buddy, but that moment I felt it would be a burden for him if I tag along. So, I just watched him leave. 

And then, the itchy feet syndrome attacked!

It happened as soon as I learned that the Blogversary Giveaway winner lives in Sharjah. As I wanted to meet her and hand over the prize personally, impromptu plans started to roll. I took the intercity Dubai-Sharjah bus alone for the first time. I met Ed as soon as he fulfilled his tasks. Then, we met the Grace, the Instax winner, and her husband. 

And at the end of the day, we went to grab some quality time in Al Qasba.    

Eye of the Emirates in Al Qasba Sharjah

Al Qasba, formerly known as Qanat Al Qasba, is Sharjah's premiere leisure spot located near Al Khan corniche. The waterfront attraction features a wide array of restaurants and entertainment. As Sharjah is known to be the cultural capital of the UAE, Al Qasba also showcases the rich Arabian heritage. 

Without a doubt, Al Qasba is my favorite destination in Sharjah. The vibrant attraction never fails to make my heart skip a beat. I could spend hours strolling along the canal only if it's not too warm and humid. The ambiance makes me daydream of Venezia! Well, I'm pretty sure Venice is more romantic. But while we still work on our travel funds, Al Qasba can do us good!   

Qanat Al Qasba in Sharjah
Al Qasba: Sharjah's premiere attraction 
restaurants along Qasba Canal
restaurants line the Qasba Canal

Al Qasba offers a lot of things. There's a fun zone for the kids and a health club for the adults. There's a boat trip along the canal and a scenic ride in the sky at The Eye of The Emirates. The husband, being a thrill-seeker as he always is, suggested that we'd step inside a cabin of the largest observation wheel in the region. I gasped and told him we have an Entertainer voucher at home, so we'd do it next time. Hah! Saved by the bell! :) 

Eye of the Emirates wheel in Sharjah
Eye of the Emirates wheel
Fees: 30AED/adult and 15AED/child

Al Qasba
Al Khan, Sharjah, UAE

How to get there by public transportation from Dubai?
* Intercity Buses run to and from Sharjah at Union MS, Al Sabkha, 
Al Satwa, Al Ghubaiba, Deira City Centre and Abu Hail. 
Tip: compared to Al Ghubaiba, bus route and travel time from DCC is better!
* Bus Fare: 10AED (use your NOL card)
* Hop off the bus at Sharjah City Centre.
* Take a cab to Al Qasba. Fare: 10AED

To travel back to Dubai, take the cab from Al Qasba to Sharjah Bus Station. 
Taxi Fare: less than 20AED
Then, choose a Dubai Bus heading near your place! :)  

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