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Sep 28, 2014

A Spanish Feast in Seville's at WAFI Pyramids

Christmas Eve 2010, Ed and I came across Seville's; a Spanish restaurant in Wafi. That night, we found Seville's as an ideal dine-out spot for special occasions. It is a restaurant worth coming back to, so we said we'd go back soon. But the thing is, with so many options and so many new places to try in Dubai, "soon" turned out to be "after three years and couple of months!" It was only early this month, for Ed's 30th Birthday, that we finally had a chance to return.     

Tucked in Wafi Pyramids' rooftop, Seville's looks more like a homey Spanish villa than a restaurant. With its stucco walls and red bricks, rustic arched windows and vines clinging across its facade, Seville's is a secret hideaway in a shopping center! 
Seville's Spanish restaurant and bar in Wafi
Seville's: A Spanish restaurant and bar in Wafi
On the inside, Seville's is traditional and cozy. The subdued lighting, dark wood furnishing and Spanish music in the background can make you say "Hola!" instead of "Hello." I always find Seville's as an intimate Spanish restaurant; a place where I can have a good quiet dinner. Actually, it is surprisingly quiet for a restaurant with a bar that serves alcoholic beverages. I do think the restaurant can be vibrant on some nights; maybe on weekends, or most probably every Salsa Party on Tuesday evenings.

classic Spanish restaurant in Dubai
Say Hola to Seville's!
Seville's restaurant on a weekday
the restaurant at 9pm on a weekday

As Ed's birthday fell on a Sunday, I never felt the need to call for a reservation. I was pretty sure that Seville's can still accommodate a group of six on a weekday night. But an hour before the family dinner, I phoned the restaurant not to reserve a spot but to verify if I can use our Entertainer vouchers for Paella! Heheh. Over the phone, the staff confirmed that we can and immediately reserved a table. And upon knowing that it would be a mini birthday celebration, she said that they'll be decorating our table with balloons and glitters! Yay! Wonderful! :)   

So, Ed, his cousins and I arrived at Seville's a little past nine in the evening. We were led to our table topped with red and white balloons and party glitters which are too small to be visible in photos. :) Since his cousins got him a birthday cheesecake, we asked if we can have it in the restaurant and the staff happily obliged. They even arranged the cake and topped it with candles!  

Ed's birthday at Seville's in Wafi
Ed's birthday at Seville's (huge thanks to the staff for the balloons)
Ed and Lady at Seville's in Wafi Dubai
Ed's birthday cheesecake (not from Seville's, but from his cousins)  

We started Ed's birthday dinner with Seville's complimentary white bread smothered with tomato sauce. Then our Cuatro Tosta A Elegir came. It was actually recommended by the staff when I couldn't decide on what to have from the list of Tapas and Tosta Y Tablas. The recommended starter was perfect for the whole group as it has eight pieces of Tostas in one platter. 

We had Chacra; crispy toasts topped with creamy blend of crab sticks, boiled egg and mayo. We also enjoyed the Iberica; toasted ciabatta bread with spanish cured ham. And what we loved the most is the Pepita De Ternera with beef tenderloin, piquillo peppers and melted cheese. The tostas were just right to stimulate our appetite; authentic, light yet packed with flavors! 

Cuatro Tosta A Eligir

For the mains, we had Fricando De Ternera; a spanish-style beef stew with wild mushrooms and mashed potatoes, and Pollo Encebollado Con Setas; slow braised chicken with mushrooms and baby potatoes on the side. 

Those two mains were a surprise hit on our dining table. Although both looked pretty simple, each had a distinct taste and that special warmth of a home-cooked meal. Honestly, I was there for the paella alone, but on that night, I realized that the classic Spanish dishes shouldn't be missed as well!   

Fricando De Ternera at Seville's Dubai
a very hearty meal: tender beef over creamy mashed potatoes 
Seville's Pollo Encebollado Con Setas
a simple yet delish chicken dish 

Paella!!! It's one of the main reasons why Ed and I love Seville's. During our first visit, we were so delighted with the ample serving, the exquisite flavor and the reasonable price. The chicken paella was just around 60 dirhams that time. Today, a serving of the same size costs almost twice as much! Oh Dubai and its neverending progress and price hike! Anyhow, we had our buy1get1 vouchers, so there was nothing to grumble about. And besides, it was Ed's birthday, so I think we all deserved a good dinner without contemplating over the prices. :) 

We had Paella De Pollo or chicken paella once again. It was still as flavorful as before with tasty chunks of chicken meat and delectable spanish rice infused with saffron and other spices! Along with it, we had Arroz En Tinta De Calamar or the black seafood paella. Clearly, the strange-looking paella dish isn't the most enticing, but we were all gushing about its impressive flavour!     

 Seville's Paella De Pollo
Seville's Chicken Paella is still as awesome but not as affordable as before! :)
Seville's Arroz En Tinta De Calamar
Black Seafood Paella: YES, this is tasty! 

Seville's is one of the few restaurants allowed to serve alcoholic beverages. The birthday boy had sangria due to my persuasion as I have read somewhere that sangria goes so well with paella. And he said it did! I don't drink, so I had a mocktail as always! :) 

I was over-the-top grateful for the excellent and the extra-friendly service given to us. Who would have thought that a simple impromptu family dinner would be as fancy as this; balloons, glitters, cheesecake and all!  :)

Prices (a feast for 6 people):
as of September 2014
Cuatro Tosta A Elegir: 99 AED 
Pollo Encebollado Con Setas: 99 AED
Fricando De Ternera: 115 AED
Paella De Polla: 110 AED
Arroz En Tinta De Calamar: 110 AED

*Dining soon? Don't forget your Entertainer vouchers. We got 209 AED off the total bill! :)

Pyramids in Wafi
Oud Metha District
Dubai, UAE
Contact # 04 324 4777
*Nearest metro station: Dubai Healthcare City (Green Line)

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